This post is part of a multi-part series on my indoor growing. If you want, you can start from Part 1.

Not too much of an update this week, other than the plants were repotted because they were starting to outgrow their starter boxes.

I bought some 4” pots to start with to take the pending doom plants out, but then I ran out of potting mix:

2018-03-25 22.07.39.jpg

That was last week. This week I got my hands on more potting mix. I used the starter mix to re-pot the previous ones, but after some reading, it seemed to make more sense to use a mix that was specially formulated for indoor plants. So this week I just repotted them all, again:

2018-04-01 21.27.57.jpg

The plants are starting to improve overall. A few of the leaves started to look a bit sad, so I suspect they were running out of nutrients in the starter mix. Hopefully this new mix will introduce more nutrients to help them grow better. I’m also thinking of getting some stakes for some of the more aggressive plants that aren’t able to stand up too well.

I haven’t forgotten about the sensors/electronics work. Last weekend involved putting some pieces together before me realizing I was missing some other bits to help put together. This weekend was some emergency yard work. So more electronics work will have to wait until next weekend. Some upfront spoilers I’ll note here is that I have thought about an automatic watering system for these, with some peristaltic pumps, controllable over I2C via the raspberry pi.

Stay tuned!