Sarah is the engineering lead for the privacy engineering team at Square. Her background includes 10+ years of security/privacy infrastructure design, engineering, and research. Her current focus is in researching and designing security and privacy visibility tools to aid in risk modeling and development of new privacy-enhancing infrastructure.

She can be followed for cats and tech humor on Twitter: @worldwise001.

pubs list



  • Panel: Money talks: How Fintech Innovation can Close the Gap in Financial Equality. GHC.
  • Presentation: You Can’t Secure What You Can’t See. OWASP SF Meetup.
  • Presentation: Anti-Privacy Anti-Patterns. sqr00t.
  • Presentation: Anti-Privacy Anti-Patterns. BSidesSF.
  • Lightning Talk: The (Ano)Nymity Slider - why and how data redaction can fail. (internal at Square).


  • Hologram: “Our Time”. GHC.
  • Presentation: The (Security-centric) Woman’s Guide To The Galaxy. GDGSF IWD.
  • Lightning Talk: Differential Privacy. (internal at Square).
  • Presentation: You Can’t Secure What You Can’t See. sqr00t.


  • Presentation: From Zero To Cool: Lessons Learnt from Running CTFs. NBT4Con.
  • Presentation: You Can’t Secure What You Can’t See. sqr00t.
  • Workshop + CTF: Capture The Flag: Learning to Hack for Fun and Profit. GHC. (300+ attendees!)
  • Presentation: Making Use of Visualization to Understand Traffic/Data Flow. Hear + Now.


  • Panel: So You Want to Hack The Planet: Demystifying Careers and Opportunities in Cryptography, Security, and Privacy. GHC.


  • Presentation: Protecting infrastructure secrets with Keywhiz. CyberSec.