This post is part of a multi-part series on my indoor growing. If you want, you can start from Part 1.

It’s been a few weeks since I started planting. If you recall, I planted 10 herbs, 2 peppers, chives + scallions + garlic, and 2 cat plants.

Here are some progress pictures as I’ve checked in through the weeks.


2018-02-16 20.55.20.jpgThe garlic really went to town after the first day or so of being in the soil.

2018-02-16 20.55.16.jpg

Cat grass started sprouting basically immediately.


2 weeks of sprouting in the main tray. All except the mint and rosemary sprouted, not sure why. I also got really low yield with sage (only one sprouted), and medium yield with dill. I was surprised at how quickly and able the parsley was able to sprout, considering the packet said it would take 21-28 days to germinate. I may retry the mint and rosemary at a future date. More research is needed here.

And finally, an update on the garlic + friends:2018-02-25 14.03.00

You may have noticed that this has been growing primarily on my kitchen table. The problem with this is the sunlight is a bit inconsistent; although there is a south and west window available, because of the nearby buildings, there is not enough direct sunlight coming in. The west window has some nice direct sun, but is partially obstructed by trees. The other problem is that I don’t get to use my kitchen table.

The next step is to move this out into the porch area, and set up a monitored mini greenhouse.

2018-02-25 21.50.53.jpg

This also gives me the opportunity to use some electronics to monitor light level, temperature, and humidity, and maybe even take some timelapse clips to track growth.

There will be more updates through the week; stay tuned!

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