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I am currently a software engineer in mobile security (previously security infrastructure). I used to do privacy research as a graduate student at Waterloo, and organize LAN parties as an undergraduate at SIUC.

I like weird experiments and tinkering with strange systems. I also like knitting, cooking and painting. I sometimes play (video) games, and less frequently stream my gameplay.

I have two cats.

background and (research) interests

I have a background in software and web development on primarily Linux platforms, generally in systems or back-end applications. My languages of choice are Java, C and Python.

My research focus has been on privacy problems relating to big data, namely things like: stylometry and profile-linking problems. I do less of this nowadays, but may try to publish in the near future.


I run a Tor relay. You should too!

My tor relay costs money! If you'd like to donate to my cause, feel free to use one of the links here: Square Cash: $shh | worldwise001 | Coinbase: worldwise001


I currently work at Square. I previously interned at Facebook, Square, and Google, all in engineering roles. You can see my full work history on LinkedIn.


I may be reached at: s [at] shh [dot] sh . My GPG Key is 1BE6 766C DC52 439A 5722 DCA2 BDE4 3806 8A2B D353.

I also frequent IRC (freenode, esper, oftc) as either sharvey or Sabriel.

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